Top CI Tools

Top CI Tools

Poorly managed development projects are bound to crash eventually. It’s likely happened to you a dozen of times already. While writing code can be a lot of fun, managing code and dependencies can quickly become a maze of its own when you’re dealing with the continuous growth of your codebase and feature branches. At Stackify, we aim to make the lives of developers easier (and less frazzling). One way to de-stress your work is with the aid of continuous integration tools.

Continuous Integration came as an adoption of a more refined programming practice, which aims to help developers with preventing serious integration pitfalls. As you continue to build your project, there are more things to integrate, and back-tracking can quickly become a time-consuming chore. CI Tools automate many tedious tasks and make it easier to quickly backtrack before you end up releasing a disaster, all while keeping a neat and tidy record of the growth of your project.

AWS and ThoughtWorks have done a great job at creating detailed documentations of how CI works and why you need it:

  • [TW] Continuous integration
  • [AWS] What is Continuous Integration?

Below, we’ve rounded up 51 leading tools and software in the field of Continuous Integration. Some are core CI tools and others play nice with other tools to make CI even better, and many integrate seamlessly with the other tools and processes you’ve come to know and love (no breaking up with your favorite IDE required). Note: The following 51 CI tools are listed in no particular order.


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